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You sell a cloud solution. We help you sell and support your cloud customers SMARTER! We are a research firm. We research the corporate, web, and mobile strategy of the mid- and large-enterprises. We also research and speculate on what will happen in the cloud industry. First, we capture our insights of their strategies of the Fortune 2000 companies into slide decks, videos, and 1-page summaries. You name which ones. If you are in sales, marketing, or support, you get to leverage this content and have us customize it for your needs. Second, we research cloud companies and write reports covering the potential impact of big events such as partnerships, acquisitions, and strategic initiatives. Competitive intelligence and corporate development leaders will love this content. Download our brochure and call us to discuss how the Big Cloud Sales' Content, Consulting, and Customization will help you!

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Workday's will soon be a public company. It is 7-years behind, but should be larger long-term.

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Andrew Schroepfer founded Big Cloud Sales after three years at Rackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX). He joined Rackspace as VP of Enterprise Strategy shortly after Rackspace launched an enterprise division in April 2009. At Rackspace, Schroepfer envisioned and launched a business SaaS application marketplace called ...

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Big Cloud Sales is pleased to partner with the maker of mobile social wagering application SideBets (it's fake money). We help cloud firms run competitions with their customers as a component of deepening relationships beyond the sales discussion.

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